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KA8025 - Face Or Palm Recognition Smart Lock

Ever locked out of your house because you had forgotten your keys ? Or worried about your keys are left on the door after opening ?

If these are your concerns, worry not, we have a Smart Solution for you.

Our smart lock can be opened with

  • Fingerprint
  • Pin Number
  • Card
  • Face Recoginition (when everybody is talking about contactless)
  • Palm Recoginition (ops too troublesome to remove your mask for Face Recoginition, we have Palm Recoginition)


Drop us a WhatsApp message at 81383231 if you need to clarify any doubts before placing order


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  • Anti Peep Pin
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Number Pad Lights up upon touching​

Material / Surface​

Zinc Alloy / Scratch Resistant​


Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor​

Max User Memory​

5 Pins, 20 Cards, 100 Fingerprints, 100 Face, 100 Palm​

Intrusion Prevention​

Anti Tesla Coil​

Alarm triggered after 5 consecutive error inputs​

Dimension (W x H x D)​

80 x 408 x 31 mm​

Applicable Door Thickness​

40 – 90 mm​

Recognition Speed​

< 0.5 sec​


Rechargeable Li Battery​


3.5” TFT Touch Liquid Crystal Display​

Emergency Unlock​

Yes – Manual Knob​

Back Up Power​

USB connection​

Anti Peep Pin

This function is extremely good when you have a stranger or visitor standing behind you while you are entering the Pin to unlock

Our Promise


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